How it works


With so many crafters involved and with so many wonderful local yarn stores to visit, we found it was best to split up into different teams. This year on July 14th, there will be 14 teams!!  Each team is lead by two clever and talented volunteer Team Captains who will check everyone in at the beginning of the day. You’ll get your swag bags and Team Captains will have raffle tickets available for you to buy throughout the day!  Raffle tickets will also be awarded to participants that contribute knitted or crocheted items or yarn to the charitable drop off sites of the various yarn stores. Then, your adventure begins!



Transit Costs

Registration does not include the cost of transit — you are responsible for bringing your own Metropass, Day Pass or tokens. TTC day passes currently cost $12.50. You can share this pass with one other adult so buddy up if you can. Fare details including prices can be found here on the TTC website.


No personal information will be published online other than Ravelry user names or Instagram tags (if you choose to provide them) and/or blogs if you choose to share that information. We do not share our mailing list. You can expect that participants and volunteers will be taking many pictures throughout the day and those will end up online. If you don’t want your pic online, tell your team at the beginning of the day please and thanks.

Group Sign Ups

Registration is limited to a maximum of two tickets per order.


Once you register, you will be sent a ticket. Don’t forget to print out your proof of purchase and/or invoice and bring it with you. Your team Team Captain will also have a list of participants.

Wait List Policy

Because of the automated system we use, we you need to choose a free Wait List “ticket”. If you don’t get a spot on the team you want, please register for a “Wait List” ticket using the registration system.  Please note that you cannot register for a team AND the wait List. We will remove people from the Wait List if they are already on a team.


Registration is automatic this year! Please note that you are limited to registration for one team only. Anyone who signs up for multiple team tickets will have all their tickets cancelled and will not be permitted to participate in this year’s Great Toronto Yarn Hop.
One raffle ticket is included with your registration (which your Team Captain will give you).
We also ask that you RSVP for the evening event at McVeighs Irish Pub.  This is to allow us to update the facility on the number of people expected to join us for dinner.


One of the questions / comments we get the most is about the weather! As the Great Toronto Yarn Hop takes place mid-summer, it can often be quite warm. While we have tried controlling the weather through sheer force of will but just in case, its a good idea to dress for hot weather! Its also a good idea to plan to bring sunblock and a water bottle to stay safe & hydrated.


Lunches are scheduled throughout the day at local spots convenient to the route. Meal costs are not included in the cost of registration. We have tried to schedule meal-times at locations that have multiple options and price-points. If you have specialized dietary requirements, check the restaurants in the area of your lunch break yarn store in advance. Many knitters like to pack a few favourite snacks to enjoy while traveling.

Dinner is optional at McVeighs Irish Pub, the final meeting place, 124 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2G8.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, please notify us as early as possible. Cancellations within less than  1 week before the start of the event will not receive a refund.

Mobility Issues

We have added a few routes this year based on accommodation requests. We have worked very hard to ensure there is a wheelchair-accessible route. There is also a shorter route that only has 3 stops to accommodate for possible fatigue. If you have an official support companion, your support companion is welcome to accompany you without paying the registration fee.

Please let us know in advance if you know you will be needed any extra help or accommodation requests and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Have a great time!